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  • 1st Burmese@America

Maung Shaw Loo - Class of 1864
Bucknell's First International Student
(First American Medical College graduate from Burma)

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Date:   May 4, 2019 (Saturday)

Time:   5:00 PM -10:30PM

Venue: Atlantic Seafood & Dim Sum Restaurant

500 N Atlantic Blvd, Suite 200  

Monterey Park, CA 91754

BAMA meeting and dinner program started at 5:30 pm with registration and singing in process.

BAMA members, families, and guests enjoyed taking pictures at the photo booth between 5:30pm to 6:30 pm.

At 6:00pm, Dr. Khaing Myint’s band started their performance for guests, members and families in attendance.

At 6:30pm, Parliamentarian Dr. Edna K. Taikwel Oo welcomed BAMA members, families and guests. Dinner sponsors, Gilead and Vemlidy, antiviral medicine booth display finished.

Distinguished guests are consul General U Tin Yu and Dr. Daniel Wilson, President of Western University in Pomona.

At 7:00pm, presentation of honorary awards from BAMA for contributions in last year’s missionary trip in Bagan, Myanmar took place.

Leadership award was presented to Dr. Kyaw Moe (President of 2018) by Advisory Committee member Dr. Zaw Win Lwin.

Honorary membership award was presented to Dr. Tony Chan by President Dr. Cho Lwin.

Honorary membership award was presented to U Sein Lwin Lay by Advisory Committee Chair Dr. Thomas Lee.

Honorary membership award was presented to Mr. Larry Shar by BOD Dr. Sandar Kyi.

Appreciation Certificate was presented to Mr. Mike Than by BOD Dr. Ohnma Win.

At 7:30pm, Academic Achievement Awards were presented to the residents by Educational committee Chair Dr. Than Saung Lin, Dr. Khine Khine Win, Dr. Naing Aung Moore, Dr. Mie Mie Thinn.

At 8:00pm, Dr. Cho Lwin, our current President delivered his annual Presidential address. A moment of silence was requested for the passed away of ex-president Dr. Harry Chew. The deceased five ex-presidents were honored by announcing their names and year of president by Dr. Cho Lwin as follows:

President of 1983 Dr. Hoke Ho. Wife Alice Ho was in the dinner attendance. She was called out and given respect by President.

President of 1986 Dr. Michael Sein

President of 1996 Dr. Gary Lim

President of 1997 Dr. Soe Myint

President of 2004 Dr. Anthony Lee

President Dr. Cho Lwin appreciated 2019 donors to BAMA. Dr. Tin Ngwe-Ma Daisy $200, Dr. Philip Kaw-Sandi Kaw $200, Dr. Edna Taikwel Oo $500, Dr. Rachel Chhek $500, Ko Larry and Freda Shar $1000, Dr. Soe Thu $100, Dr. Soe Moe Kyaw $200, Dr. Serena Aye Aye Ng $300, Ko Mike Than $300, Dr. Kok Wain Lee $300, Dr. Ida Wong $200, U Sein Than $200, Dr. Sophie Chwa $100, David and Bebe Tan $100, Larry Shar $60

At 8:30 pm, voting for how many dinners to host in year of 2020 took place. The result of the floor vote was to host one BAMA dinner per year.

Gift cards and iPad mini prizes were gifted to raffle winners.

At 9:00pm, entertainment program continued with Academy award winner actor and singer Dr. Soe Thu with Dr. Khaing Myint’s band.

Dinner was attended by approximately 270, including BAMA members, families, friends, invited guests and residents.

Annual social dinner was successfully completed at 10:30 pm.






Date:     October 20, 2018 (Saturday)

Time:   5:30 PM – 10:30 PM

Venue:  NBC Restaurant

            404 S.Atlantic Blvd

 Monterey Park, CA 91754


       BAMA meeting and dinner program started at 5 :30 pm with registration and signing in process. 

       At 6:10pm Parliamentarian Dr. Htun Tin welcomed the BAMA members, families and guests. Myanmar Stereo Singer Jet San Htun started with his favorite song to entertain the audience. Dinner sponsor, Mandalay Insurance was introduced and thank for their contribution. The representative Mr. Lawrence Lwin from Mandalay Insurance talked about his organization and services briefly, regarding Medicare Part A,B,C,D and Obama Care.

       At 6:30 PM, Sandi Win Khine performed beautiful Bagan Dance

       From 6:35- 7:00 PM, Jet San Htun and BAMA families , Dr. Khaing Myints music band entertained the audience

       At 7:10 PM Dr. Kyaw Moe presidents welcome speech and mentioned briefly about BAMA activities for this year and plan for the next month. He also briefly mentioned about one or two dinner a year option and encourage member to cast vote on e-mail sent out (under survey monkey).

       At 7:15 PM, Treasurer Dr. Wai Wai Soe read BAMA Financial Balance Report.

       At 7:20 PM, Nominating Committee Chair Dr. Thein Oo nominated 2019 BAMA EC member as following.

       President: Dr. Cho Lwin

       Vice President: Dr. Mya  Myo Aye

       Secretary : Dr. Wai Wai Soe

      Treasurer : Dr. Htun Tin

      Parliamentarian : Dr. Edna Taikwel

      It was approved unanimously without any objection from the members.

       At 7:25 PM, newly elected President for 2019 Dr.Cho Lwin gave a speech and introduced sub-committee members to the whole attendees.

       Advisory Board : Dr Thomas Lee & Dr. Zaw Win Lwin

     Board of Directors :2019 BODs

       Dr. Tin Ngwe ( Chair),

       Dr. Su Su Hline,

       Dr. Khaing Myint,

       Dr. Thein Oo,

       Dr. Sandar Kyi,

       Dr.  Ohnma Win,

       Dr. Kyaw Moe


       Sub-Committee members

Education Committee Chair                      Dr. Than Saung Lin

Education Committee Co-Chair       Dr. Khine Khine Win ,

Educational Committee members      Dr. Naing Aung Moe and Dr. Mei Mei Thin

Entertainment Committee Chair        Dr. Sanda Win

Entertainment Committee Co-Chair          Dr. Zarchi Chan

Public Relations Committee Chair   Dr. Kenneth Chhek

Public Relations Committee Co-Chair Dr. Moe Aung (absent)

       At 7:35 PM, current President Dr. Kyaw Moe laid out the plan for Myanmar Medical Mission. He also thanks all donors, and supporting people especially Dr. Tony Chan from ABC Pharmacy, Dr. Terence Tan, C.G. U Aung Soe Win (gave out appreciation award).

       At 8:00 PM , dinner and entertainment program started with Jet San Htun, BAMA families and Dr. Khaing Myints music band.

       Dinner was attended by approximately 290 members, families, friends, invited guests, residents.

       40th  Annual BAMA  Business Fall dinner was successfully  closed at  10:30 PM .


Event report for Residency information session

Event report  for Residency information session

We had the Residency Information Session on May 4, 2019 (Saturday), noon-3 pm at Asian Performing Civic center at 9837 Baldwin Pl, El Monte, CA 91731. There were 12 residency candidates (one residency candidate did not sign in) and 12 attendings  this year. The program started with self-introduction of attendings, residents and residency candidates. Dr. Aung Naing Min who matched this year in Family Medicine residency program in Chicago, talked about his experience describing overview of application process, timeline. Dr. Steven Lin (IM intern from Kaiser Fontana) discussed about interview preparation. There were handouts about ERAS timeline, sample CV and  important websites. Steven and Aung Naing Min gave me all the power-point slide to share with the residency candidates. It concluded at 2:45 pm with lunch, group photo taking and social networking.

 Dr. Khine Khine Win posted the group photo on BAMA Facebook page. 

The event was followed by BAMA spring dinner from 5:30 PM-10:00 pm at: Atlantic Seafood Restaurant at 500 N Atlantic Blvd, Suite 200, Monterey Park, CA 91754.There were 16 residency candidates and our residency information session speakers (Dr. Aung Naing Min and Dr Steven

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