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Health Precaution Tips before traveling to Myanmar

Many non-Burmese people have asked us about Health Precaution Tips before traveling to Myanmar, and here are 5 tips.

1. Be sure to bring along a few canisters of anti-mosquito spray that has “DEET” in it. Bring the packaged ones so it can withstand the un-pressurized cabin during the flight. When going out in the evenings, wear long pants. Spray one time before putting pants on, and another time over the pants.

2. If you are staying mainly in urban areas, you may not need malaria prophylaxis pills. However, if your travel plan includes jungle areas, be sure to talk to your physician and consult CDC (Center for Disease Control) website for appropriate malaria prophylaxis medications at least 8 weeks before the travel date.

3. Traveler’s diarrhea is common when visiting Myanmar. Most common is typhoid or enteric fever, caused by Salmonella Typhi. There are vaccines to prevent: you can either get injectable vaccine, or pills that you take 2 weeks before your travel date. You need physician’s prescription for either of them. One anecdotal advice is to eat local yogurt the day you arrive and a few more times during your stay. You can purchase it at local stores like CitiMart.

4. 3 things to have when you do have traveler’s diarrhea:

A. oral re-hydration powder/salt: You can purchase those over-the-counter at local health stores.

B. Bismuth S, common brand name is PeptoBismal(TM): local pharmacy stores will have it. For mild-moderate diarrhea, start taking this at the first sign of loose stool.

C. Azithromycin: You need physician's prescription for this antibiotics. Bacteria in Myanmar no longer respond to Ciprofloxacin (see CDC website for reference). This should be taken 500 mg twice a day for 3 days for severe diarrhea.

5. Do not drink tap water at anytime. Make sure water bottles are not open or sealed before drinking from them.

Have a great and enjoyable visit to Myanmar.

With Mehta (loving kindness)
Dr. Khine Khine Win on behalf of BAMA.

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