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About Us

BAMA 2019

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Advisory Committee 2019 

Dr. Thomas Lee Chair
Dr. Zaw Win Lwin Co-Chair

Board Of  Directors 2019 

Dr. Tin Ngwe Chair
Dr. Su Su Hlaing Member
Dr. Thein Oo Member
Dr. Khaing Myint Member
Dr. Sandar Kyi Member
Dr. Ohnma Win Member
Dr. Kyaw Moe Member


Dr. Cho Lwin President
Dr. Mya Myo Aye Vice President
Dr. Wai Wai Soe Secretary
Dr. Htun Tin Treasurer
Dr. Edna Taikwel Parliamentarian

Sub-Committee 2019

Dr. Than Saung Lin Chair
Dr. Khine Khine Win Co-Chair
Dr. Naing Aung Moore Member
Dr. Mie Mie Thinn Member


Dr. Sandar Win Chair
Dr. Zar Chi Chan Co-Chair

Public Affairs
Dr. Kenneth Chhek Chair
Dr. Moe Aung Co-Chair


History of our Association

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A Nonprofit, Nonpolitical, and Nondenominational Professional Medical Association

Since 1960, physicians who had graduated from Burma had migrated to the USA for postgraduate training. They can only meet each other at social  gatherings occasionally  and  had felt the need for a well-organized association to coordinate the social gatherings and to maintain contact and share information and experiences to assist one another for the training and practice and settling down in certain communities. With that common goal in mind, a group of Burma medical graduates gathered at Fullerton, California and held a preliminary meeting to explore the feasibility of the formation of such an organization which should be non-profit in status and tax-exempt, formed purely for the purpose of social, educational gatherings and community service. After several meetings, various temporary committee members were chosen to carry out the drafting of the by-laws and structure of the Board of Directors. On May 8, 1982, the first dinner meeting was held at the Golden Dragon Restaurant in Los Angeles. The President gave a speech explaining the purpose of the organization and stressed the importance of team spirit and unity.

1 1982 Michael Ko Lay Maung, M.D
2 1983 Hoke N. Ho, M.D (Deceased)
3 1984 Thomas Lee, M.D
4 1985 Harry Chew, M.D (Deceased)
5 1986 Michael A. Sein, M.D (Deceased)
6 1987-88 Desmond B. Chiong, M.D
7 1989 Eugene Taw, M.D
8 1990 Eng Moy, M.D
9 1991 Thomas Hwee, M.D
10 1992 Constant Chan, M.D
11 1993 Rosie Tan Yeo, M.D
12 1994 Calvin Tint, M.D
13 1995 Daisy Tint, M.D
14 1996 Gary Lim, M.D (Deceased)
15 1997 Soe Myint, M.D
16 1998 Patrick Paik, M.D
17 1999 Khin Maung Tint, M.D
18 2000 Phillip Kaw, D.D.S
19 2001 Kevin Kyaw Win, M.D
20 2002 Eric Chwa, M.D
21 2003 Zaw Win Lwin, M.D
22 2004-05 Anthony Lee, M.D (Deceased)
23 2006-07 Thant Zin, D.D.S
24 2008-10 Tin Ngwe, M.D
25 2011-12 Leonard Liu, M.D
26 2012-13 May Kyi Nyein, M.D
27 2013-14 Su Su Hline, M.D
28 2014-15 Thein Oo, M.D
29 2015-16 Khaing Myint, M.D
30 2016-17 Sandar Kyi, M.D
31 2017 Ohnma Win, M.D.
32 2018 Kyaw Moe, M.D.
33 2019 Cho Lwin, M.D.



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Good Evening BAMA Members, Invited Guests, Families, and Friends

I am honored to serve as president of Burmese American Medical Association for 2019. Your continued support is appreciated. Thank you also to outgoing president Dr. Kyaw Moe, Board of Directors, Advisory Committee, Executive Committee, sub-committee members, families and friends for their time and dedication to our association. I would like to ask all audience to support BAMA mission in all activities such as community education, residency seminar, mock interview, and Myanmar Medical Mission (MMM). Our sincere appreciation goes to many people in the audience and friends in Myanmar in helping Myanmar Medical Mission. Additional recommendation by Myanmar Consulate General U Aung Soe Win for United States Medical License Status of MMM doctors is very much appreciated. 

BAMA successfully finished two health education talks this year. I will continue this mission for the future. I will recruit new members from all branches of medical professionals, provide volunteer healthcare and health education services to our communities here and back in Myanmar. With this team effort and active volunteer activities, BAMA is flourishing. As more Myanmar doctors are matched into residency training programs in the United States, new generation physicians are encouraged to join volunteers at the Executive Committee and subcommittees to carry on BAMA mission.
I would like to recognize the donations and wonderful support to the Myanmar Medial Mission by BAMA members, friends who accompany mission, friends in Myanmar. The mission is accomplished because of you. BAMA will continue to be successful with this level of enthusiasm, unity, and love. We gave it all and everybody is a star at the mission.

I wish you all Happy New Year.



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